in the Gladbach squad besides constants Lainer (2173 min.) Follow the world's best football players and teams. 72. outlook to his role in his team. Perhaps that is something you don’t want because you need him in higher zones. While being good at creating dynamic, this does not yet mean for Thuram to frequently drop in deeper zones and uses short lay-offs. And this picture is not distorted and rooted in luck or better team-mates. Thuram can open rooms, pull out players when he dribbles, provoke actions and moves that will he often exploits directly once created. He has won 54 aerial duels and 52 tackles. A too strong presence and involvement would harm his strengths: the surprising moment. His transfer to Borussia Monchengladbach in summer 2019 for €12m was arguably a signing for the long-term, a promise for the future. And in the current team, I would argue that he seems to be better in high zones close to the opponent’s last line. First, Thuram is good at creating dynamics. One example is shown in graph 4, when he scored the 2:0 against TSG Hoffenheim. moves around him to detect any moves and spaces he can exploit. Your email address will not be published. Updates about your favourite players - We want to send push notifications. Already at his last teams he seemed to excel at both scoring and assisting. Thuram does not depend on his mere pace to win direct challenges, assist a goal or score himself in contrast to many other players. With these statistics he ranks number 555 in the Bundesliga. M. Waghorn. He has fit in seamlessly with the foals in a partnership up front with his compatriot Plea and Embolo An offender of exceptional height (1.92m) and size (88kg), Thuram usually assumes a role either up front as part of a two in a 4-3-1-2 formation or on the left in a 4-2-3-1. A player who plays, assists and scores frequently, Thuram seems on his way to become a player for higher tasks. The young French is quick and he benefits from his pace in certain situations. Having said that, we must admit knowing no specifics about his tactical role and instructions. We have seen In July 2019 he signed for 'Gladbach in a deal worth approximately £10 million. Marcus has self-confidence and considers himself as an important person. He holds the ball and waits until he finds the best option. things Thuram does not do? The last With these statistics he ranks number 2261 in the Bundesliga. If a situation does not develop as it could, he will wait for the next. It’s not decisions based on one player but on the entire team. There are enough examples of similar ranging discussion. Zakaria (2361 min.) In turn, at the heart of almost all of Thuram´s actions on the pitch lays his coordination skills. Look at Sancho, Hakimi, Coman, Neymar etc. Marcus Thuram’s Gladbach career has jumped into action in recent weeks, with the Frenchman picking up his first three goals and two assists in the Bundesliga all within the last three weeks. Moreover, five goals and four assists within a game’s final minutes indicate that he is focused and ready to step forward until the last minute. Thuram likes to develop a game situation based on the individual circumstances of the very situation. The first being that he is sometimes sloppy in possession and just as he loses concentration when pressing, he can lose concentration when on the ball and this will ultimately lead to turnovers. This makes him valuable for his team in scoring (ten goals) and preparing (eighth assists). Overall, it will be exciting to see how Thuram will continue to develop on a both individual and collective level. Overall, we recognize that this part of the game is a facet Thuram integrates in his skill set. On the other side, these numbers do not merely show a snapshot of good Hinrunde. Decision-making: Quality comes before time. And more importantly, how could he balance them, Many other examples are out there. what could he do different? Required fields are marked *. In turn, at the heart of almost all of Thuram´s actions on the pitch lays his coordination skills. In fact, Thuram seldom is involved in short combinations, short touches or drops. All these I've just started writing myself very recently annd noticed many blogs simply ... MSSP: repeatedly when he was facing PSG with his former club EA Guinkamp. City 2-0 vs Newcastle 541 in December 2020 + City 2-0 vs Gladbach 4231/442 (2nd leg) in March 2021 are ga... Isobel: Robben depended on his typical move and 0-100 – explosive pace. The very best moment where all of this came together is his assist for Hofmann in the game against Dusseldorf (graph 5). Okay, by now we / Current positioning. Finland spoiled Marcus Thuram’s party on Wednesday after beating France 2-0 on the day the Borussia Moenchengladbach attacker emulated his father Lilian Thuram. Paciencia (2.2), Bebou (2), Alario (2.2). We can see his positions in two exemplar formations (graph 1, 2 and 3). Revealing his cutting edge up front, Thuram has chipped in team-leading ten goals and nine assists in all competitions, helping to propel Gladbach to the top group of the Bundesliga. Borussia Mönchengladbach forward Marcus Thuram has hailed coach Marco Rose for the club’s barnstorming start to the season that has the Foals at … The international break is over and for the last few days the club scene has come back to the fore. A balance between assists and goals has characterized his path ever since. One part of Marcus Thuram’s lifestyle is that he spends a lot of money buying superhero gadgets, especially ones of robotic kind. This strength rounds up his ability in the offensive zones for finishing attacks or just becoming dangerous when nothing else on a specific day is working e.g. Despite his body´s rather high centre of gravity, his coordination allows him to change directions quickly. Il effectue ses premières apparitions en Li… saw it in graph 4. That is why you will see Thuram rarely playing the ball with the first contact. This info would not be any advantage, if he could not act upon it. Marcus Coco est un footballeur français né le 24 juin 1996 aux Abymes en Guadeloupe. The defense of the last line has grown stronger. On top of this he made a total of 2 blocks. Hubner loses balance. considerations on potential next steps in his development. After two years in the second tier, he moved on to EA Guingamp. It requires a remarkable intelligence for spaces. The reason of his good numbers is rooted in his performance, contributing to solid team performances. By this I mean scenes when he has or potentially will receive the ball, i.e. In the following graph 8 you see a situation in the match against Cologne. When possessing And now it gets interesting. the ball is in his close range. Thus, the French’s upward career path has continued with directly winning the Bundesliga Rookie of the Month award for both September and October. In my opinion this situation offered potential to create more dynamic through a pass to Thuram and a short drop from his side. One will rarely see the 22-year-old making hasty actions or unnecessary runs. But this is another story. Now, second, let’s get to one of the key strengths of Thuram that in combination with the stated skill set sets him apart from many others. Discussions and strategic measures in German talent promotion focus on improving players in 1vs1. Thuram. How are Marcus Thuram’s defensive skills? These abilities extent his skillset vastly, making him good at various situations. Secondly, Thuram’s ball retention skills would have to improve if he is to take his game to the next level. In the current season at Gladbach but also in former Ligue 1 times, he has scored several goals through headers. This article sheds light on the son of World Cup-winning Lilian especially in 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 system. Still, he waited. 78 PES 2020. And he has already performed in critical moments in the Bundesliga DFB-Cup and Europe League. M. Thuram is a 21-year-old, 77-rated Center Forward from France. und Embolo (1369 min.). Situations in which he leaves his position on the left side and enters the middle area, to get behind the opponent’s last line. Thuram, and this is the second aspect, is a player who is very good at exploiting dynamics created by others. That seems marginal but is rather rare at this consistency over 90 minutes. In season 2020/2021. As Thuram is good at creating and exploiting Creating I’m always sharpening my skills, whenever I get a moment.…” Nevertheless, right from the start he contributed with goals and assists. In summer 2019, the 22-year-old moved to M’Gladbach. Marcus Thuram has 0 assists after 25 match days in the season 2020/2021. While the number of players who can create dynamics increases steadily you need those who can exploit it. Marcus Thuram has a total of 0 assists, 6 key passes and he created a total of 6 chances. How does Marcus Thuram fit in the context of the zeitgeist after a set piece. In light of these aspects, in today’s world of football and talent promotion much emphasis has been put upon developing players who can create dynamics. We have seen that Thuram can induce dangerous situations through his special skill set of perceptions, coordination and patience. Exploit dynamics by making razor-sharp runs. and modern game? His open-play expected goals per 90 stands at 0.41, the second-most of any under-23 Bundesliga attacker to have played 1000 minutes. World news platform. This aspect is reflected in the conducted analysis above, including his dribbling and delay of situations. Nonostante il fisico da granatiere, ama puntare gli avversari come fosse un esterno piccoletto e dribblomane, sfidandoli sulla fascia, dispensando giocate di rara intelligenza. In the context of exploiting dynamics, Thuram can also leverage his strong heading ability. He is waiting in the pipeline, getting in position. He also likes to travel, especially to the Desert Safari in Dubai. It would be a surprise if Thuram’s breakout season has gone unnoticed on the international stage–by other clubs as well as by France’s national coach Didier Deschamps. It is not an absolute but relative decision. Thuram thrills at concentrating on and anticipating how a situation develops. Once he faces an open room or sees an open team-mate he only enters the space or makes the pass when it is the best option. With these statistics he ranks number 2302 in the Bundesliga. May 11, 2017. The French does not choose the way of least resistance–a dribbling in the free space or pass to an open team-mate–but the most promising one. He moves his head actively right and leftwards, not focused on only one possibility. shortly above when we assessed his dribbling. Coman relies on his pace to pass by players. Marcus Thuram joined an array of sporting personalities in protesting racism in the United States when he took a knee after scoring for Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Bundesliga on Sunday. He has scored 6 times after 28 match days in the season 2020/2021. Up there he seems more important from a tactical standpoint. Urban Hype. January 26, 2018. And he has time. We already have touched it Marcus Thuram is a free agent in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. dynamics, how should these abilities be balanced to the best of his team? This guy is great, he's a great ball carrier, he's got a great all-round combo of acceleration, speed on the ball, and raw strength. 862 Likes, 66 Comments - Marcus Patrick (@marcus.patrick) on Instagram: “Strengthening my core at The club. I argue that he could be more involved and create dynamics and rooms for team-mates before exploiting it. M. Thuram is a 22-year-old, 78-rated Left Wing Forward from France. In fact, Bundesliga-wide almost only players in the central defense attain similar or higher numbers such as Hubner (2.7) or Hinteregger (2.6). Julian Brandt was positioned deeper under Bosz at Leverkusen and also Favre now at Dortmund although he was already good in the more offensive zones. Marcus Thuram PES 2019 Stats. The tribute came … Il joue actuellement au FC Nantes1 au poste de milieu de terrain. This seems a bit odd, because at first sight Thuram’s movement can appear clumsy given his height and weight. He also has a total of 6 chances created. He keeps his body position rather open and straight, supporting his observation process and keeping several options open. Moussa: This example illustrates that his perception allows him to keep an overview even in dynamic situations, e.g. He is a Attacking midfielder - Left in Borussia Monchengladbach. WEBSITE OWNER AND COPYRIGHT: ONE-VERSUS-ONE AG. Or Cristiano Ronaldo: He has his brilliant moment once he holds himself back and enforces his power toward the goal. (obviously, they all differ in their specific abilities and extent to do so, but in short, they are good at creating dynamic). Back in Ligue 1 times, he beat goalies and kept defenders from savings by clever movements. But he does. Mal etwas für die Kritiker: Marcus Thuram hat uns in der noch jungen Saison schon zwei ganz wichtige Pflichtspiele gewonnen. € * 6 Ağu 1997, Parma, Italya Marcus Thuram - Oyuncu profili 20/21 | Transfermarkt Further, Thuram can play the last pass–a pass that is not easy to play in the modern game. By this I mean how he coordinates movements between his upper body and legs, and how he translates visual information (e.g. His good decisions are rooted in what we already saw above. And Thuram – without striving to make comparisons to the mentioned players – is good at creating dynamics. You can ask your questions using #AskAndroid on Twitter, and then tune into Android Developers on YouTube to see if your question is answered.. On Thursday, October 29, we’ll be posting our first Q&A on Navigation to YouTube; get your questions in before then! They were relegated but Thuram contributed nine goals. Hence, he does not start the dribbling when he has better options. Né en Guadeloupe Marcus Coco arrive en métropole en 2012 et passe brièvement par la JA Drancy puis le FC Aubervilliers avant de débarquer en Bretagne où il dispute une première saison avec les moins de 19 ans de l'En avant Guingamp. one-size-fits-all recipe that he strives to push through in as many situations Similarly, we saw above that Thuram’s compatriot Mbappé is good at creating dynamic but one of the best in exploiting it – and hence possibly more valuable located close to the opponent’s last line. How many assists does Marcus Thuram have this season? Caratteristiche tecniche di Marcus Thuram. Based on an understanding of his breakthrough in France, we will Nonetheless, not many thoughts have been put into the skill of how to use created dynamics. But it should be noted he has achieved the following playing through the middle and out wide. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What does When it comes to his defense performance, Thuram has shown to close gaps proactively through runs. We will observe with great interest how he will keep evolving in possible future roles in the Champions League and National team. After winning the ball, you can see that Thuram scans his surroundings and mentally processes the different options he has. When TSG-defender Hubner attacks him a moment to early and too hectic, falling to the ground, Thuram exploits the space and slots past the goalie for 2:0. Keine Kommentare vorhanden 转自 Marcus Thuram is LIGHTNING in 201920 - First Class Skills Dribblings and Goals 德甲 足球 Following this line of thinking: As similar as situations appear, we know that every situation on the pitch is unique. Mbappé. Such a skill is much more than putting the ball over the line with the last touch in an attacking sequence. However, Gladbach did not use this means, but only played a short pass from Ginter to Strobl. Marcus Thuram. and goalie Sommer (2520 min. J. Valencia. While the 2017/18 season was about finding his feet in the top flight, 2018/19 saw the youngsters star rise despite his team’s struggles. A further example is his assists for Plea’s 1-0 against TSG Hoffenheim (see graph 6). Thuram has a rare skill set for French forwards. You can help him reach his full FM20 potential with proper training. Writing by Tobias Meyer; Editing by Constantin Eckner. However, just at first sight. And Thuram’s great perception and rapid understanding of game situation allows him to cope with this uniqueness. Within his team of Borussia Monchengladbach he is currently ranked 10 best player of his team based on our 1vs1 Index Borussia Monchengladbach. Specifically, in counter pressing he does not contribute to winning many balls. Another important metric to measure the players performance is the pass completion rate in general and more importantly the pass completion rate into the opponents box – because this is … He can be the recipient and final part of a successful attack without being directly involved before. He belongs to the best scorers. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Thuram’s underlying numbers are just as impressive - they had to be in order to make our cut. Position-wise and strategically, Thuram often has the job to move in the half spaces, e.g. Marcus Thuram has certainly developed significantly in his time in Germany and those that know him best say there’s still plenty of room for improvement. While Thuram has no Hubner faced He can be better integrated in the half spaces where he is already positioned anyway (see graph 2). South Africa. The latter, dribbling, is obviously one of his strengths. How Marcus Thuram’s skill sets fit in the modern game. If an opponent makes a hasty, move, overambitious action or Thus, Thuram is one of the players you need to exploit created dynamics. Die 2. Marcus Thuram has 0 assists after 28 match days in the season 2020/2021. At this point, I want to underline again that creating dynamics does not mean pace. he is far away from where the ball is. M. Thuram is a 19-year-old, 65-rated Center Forward from France. When we argue that he could contribute more in defense work overall and counter pressing in specific, this would often mean that he needs to drop deeper (not necessarily if you attack in front, but for counter pressing you need to keep a certain distance to the line behind you). Lainer on the right was already open That allows him to react to changes in the environment e.g. All in all, Thuram’s skill set leads to an interesting player profile. Marcus Thuram began his career in France with Sochaux before moving to Guingamp. characteristics Marcus Thuram brings to the foals and what role he plays in the How did he establish himself so quickly in the Bundesliga in a team fighting for the top ranks? Thuram, who moved and moved, step by step. He scored against Monaco after he kept an opponent from tackling.