The dialogue is peppered with corny Hollywood one-liners (I've got this! ‘Queen Sono’ Review: Pearl Thusi Is Compelling in Netflix’s Otherwise Unremarkable Espionage Drama Netflix's first African Originals series is a … Join the Newsletter! I know how that feels like. Come walk with me in the light with your head held high…) I just wish more accomplished critical writers (who are also in touch) and less disposable click-bait made up the bulk of the Tomato-meter these days. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. When Queen visits the white trash family there is the Klippies & Coke in plastic cups, exaggerated accents, the obligatory braai on a built-in braai, the car with open bonnet by the front gate and of course, the Vierkleur-flag. Queen Sono The Review! | I loved every minute of it. What an awesome opportunity for South Africa to shine, only to be wasted on taking every secret agent show stereotype and setting them in Africa. Ekaterina spies a chance after a train station is attacked. AdChoices Queen — that's her name, not a title — is the daughter of a legendary South African revolutionary figure whose assassination was a pivotal moment in the transitional period after apartheid. In Queen Sono the stereotyping abounds, but it stays one dimensional. “Queen Sono” was created by Kagiso Lediga, who co-wrote the series with Camilo Saloojee, Christopher Steenkamp, and Muzi Dlamini. | Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. If you have something to say, show us, don't tell us. Great series from Kagiso Lediga. Or so grandiose, that it becomes part of the charm? Queen Sono is thrilling and fun to watch, and while there are plenty of classic spy tropes to keep it firmly planted in the genre, it’s absolutely unique in its focus. With gorgeous costuming and a colorful soundtrack, there’s little the show gets wrong. Forgot your password? In District 9 all the different groups were initially made into caricatures, from the Afrikaners, to the Nigerians. Queen Sono apparently packs quite the punch, because she easily knocks out dudes twice her size, all the while looking cool, but emitting very OTT grunts. The show isn't as effective capturing or justifying the cover-story side of Queen's life, and that leaves the characterizations really thin for Ramabulana and for Enhle Maphumulo, who plays Will's girlfriend, Nova. Copyright © Fandango. Queen is chewed out by her sidekick for being reckless, but praised for good work a split second later, without a pause, or a reason for the deviation. Even if you ignore the transgeographical flow of the series, Lediga made a concerted effort capture a linguistic collage of Northern and Southern tongues in the continent. Queen Sono proves you do not need a new Bond, you just need a new spy. There's a top gear the show keeps not being able to reach, whether it's a limitation of editing and fight choreography or a failure to find scale at what couldn't have been a towering budget. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. However, the plot is interesting; Pearl Thusi is great as the lead and shines above everyone else; some scenes have really great fusion of cinematography and score; and with more funding and better casting, this show may stay with us for long. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! That means pretending to be an art dealer in interactions with her grandmother, Mazet (Abigail Kubeka), and platonic best friend, Will (Khathu Ramabulana), and yes, the in-the-dark chum named Will is just one of many places fans will notice narrative overlap with Alias. Ekaterina strikes a deal with Shandu after a loss. Queen Sono is a fun spy thriller that isn't trying to answer too many questions about the meaning of life, which is sometimes exactly what you need. For about two minutes I was seduced by Queen Sono's incredible cinematography, vibrant colour treatment, fresh styling, beautiful people and director, Kagiso Lediga's love letter to Joburg, and Africa. © 2021 The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. The actors do a terrific job. Queen Sono is a great exploration of the African landscape, both literally and figuratively. The images of the mud-smeared miners immediately evoked empathy towards these exploited men. Commit.) They lovingly spar, as granddaughters and grandmothers do, then drive to granny's house. Queen Sono: Season 1 News, All You are immediately in awe of this icon. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is a registered trademark of The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. Queen Sono is a thought-provoking show that embodies the juxtaposition between the beautiful South African culture and a rough political and social reality. Queen Sono is Netflix first original African series. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Queen Sono is a South African crime drama streaming television series created by Kagiso Lediga that premiered on Netflix on February 28, 2020. Queen Sono – an uneven mess Queen Sono makes sure to grab your attention and never lets go. With Pearl Thusi, Vuyo Dabula, Sechaba Morojele, Chi Mhende. Fast, sexy, often funny, soapy, topical, informative, fun. When she's asked to play high emotion, she's far less compelling and her capacity with action is decidedly limited. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. The series has had quite a positive reception from fans and movie critics. Legendary South African actress, Abigail Kubekha, plays Queen’s grandmother. Shandu and Queen put everything on the line to ensure the safety of a dodgy deputy president. Hailing from creator Kagiso Lediga, Queen Sono stars Pearl Thusi as a field agent in South Africa's secretive Special Operations Group. By Marvs 27 Jun 2020 29 Jun 2020. Queen's early days were spent with the Special Operations Group. Sign up here. Queen Sono has a lot of room to grow in its second season, to actually flesh out some of these characters as people and maybe, if the show is successful enough, to get enough money to … I feel like I, like a lot of Africans are breathing a sigh of relief watching a series that we can say, ‘Hey!! Or, like The Black Panther but make it make sense? Queen hilariously eyes her granny, the road and then tries the safety belt, which of course, has not worked in years. Read also. I winced every time he opened his mouth. It’s perfect for action lovers and those who want to see Africans in a more empowering light. | California Privacy Rights Then it all came crashing down. 10:18 AM PST 2/28/2020 Queen Sono ends the West’s romanticization of the end of apartheid and brings into focus its ugly aftermath. Really? Headlines, The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Set in a continent which is brimming with political and cultural conflicts, and yet, has not been as frequently depicted on the screen (not internationally, at least), this Netflix series had so much to … 4 Comments on Queen Sono: Review. Can appreciate the technical aspects only ! For these six episodes, all under 47 minutes for faster binging, it's enough that Queen Sono fits into that familiar-but-distinctive international sweet spot Netflix is carving out. My only criticism is the unnecessary amount of profanity used by everybody! The cast isn't always a strength, mind you. Top Critics (5) Though there may be a remaining audience that attaches a stigma to reading TV shows or movies, there's something wonderfully progressive to the way Netflix has blurred international and linguistic boundaries such that "Hey, that looks good!" |, Feb 27, 2020 However, sometimes I find the conversations very shallow. Thusi nails Queen's badass attitude and when she's prowling the streets with a defiant afro that makes her far more spottable and memorable than most undercover operatives would find ideal, her swagger is impeccable. Derivative and unoriginal to the point of being laughable. Lediga and Tebogo Malope directed all … Queen Sono: Review. The action in an action series needs to be believable, not? It's hard to tell if Thusi isn't able to execute Queen's physicality, if the flaws are with the South African stunt professional or if the directors are simply less adroit with set pieces, but Queen Sono has an unfortunate tendency to fall flat at exactly the wrong points. The pleasures of "Queen Sono" come outside of the action and the highly basic presentations of espionage and police work. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Queen Sono Season 1 consists of 6 Episodes packed with entertaining events and a clear picture for view. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Terms of Use | Covid-19: SA’s death toll breaches 50k mark. As someone who loves spy movies and TV shows, I was looking forward to ‘Queen Sono’. Queen Sono is impressive in several ways. + by Zaid Kriel Updated March 3, 2020, 9:49 a.m. Posted Feb. 28, 2020, 5 a.m. Review: With ‘Queen Sono,’ Netflix Enters New Territory A spy thriller about a South African secret agent is the streaming monolith’s first fully produced original series from Africa. News & Interviews for Queen Sono. Netflix's first script-to-screen African original series, Queen Sono, follows in the footsteps of many of the streamer's better international efforts. It's simultaneously completely recognizable and easy to classify, genre-wise, but if you actually tune in for the Alias-esque thriller, you'll be exposed to a dozen languages, several of which you probably haven't heard on your TV, and to a cultural and geopolitical backdrop that makes the familiar plot feel distinctive and somewhat new. A risky visitor arrives at Mazet's house. | Do Not Sell My Personal Information Critics (11) Please click the link below to receive your verification email. ... Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! 2020-03-02. I review South Africa's first original Netflix series, Queen Sono. The Greeks are corrupt and sleezy. Her mother, Safiya Sono, was a revolutionary whose efforts to free her country from apartheid made her one of the nation’s most revered heroes. Production stills from the set of Netflix Queen Sono with Pearl Thusi, directed by Kagiso Lediga. When Charlize Theron trained for Atomic Blond, she insisted they only use moves that an actual woman could perform to overpower men physically stronger than her. But then they are rounded up and addressed by their new leader in, wait for it, English. The show was smart and action packed with a kick-ass female lead (literally). An action packed delight lead by the incomparable Pearl Thusi. (Are you too much of a man to be led by a woman? Trevor Stuurman knocks on the door of Pearl Thusi, the leading lady of the new African Netflix Original, Queen Sono. Queen Sono Season 1 is a fresh example; a vibrant, action-packed African thriller, served as a Netflix Original Series that introduces us to a black, female lead character. The reason to me at least that this show is getting good reviews is for one of two reasons. Directed by Kagiso Lediga, Queen Sono is an engaging crime series that grabs your attention from … Queen Sono Season 1 - Review. All TV Premiere Dates 2020. This is TV. |, Feb 25, 2020 Golden Globes 2021: All the Celebs Whose Families Joined Them Pathetic. New on Netflix in February 2020. (Credit: Chris Duys / Netflix) Accompanying the former Quantico star on her characters slightly-destructive assignments are a few notable African actors. Thrilling. All rights reserved. Help me rebuild this continent and I will make you an emperor when it is borne again. Overall, Queen Sono is a colorful, exciting romp of a spy thriller that deserves a second season. You saw past their stereotypical traits and witnessed them grow. Riveting. So I mean, yes, you could just watch Queen Sono as a standard piece of spy TV and there's fun to be had in that experience, but that's the sort of surface viewership that leads to facile, "Oh, it's Homeland in Africa!" Cast: Pearl Thusi, Vuyo Dabula, Sechaba Morojele, Chi Mhende, Loyiso Madinga, Rob Van Vuuren, Kate Liquorish, Khathu Ramabulana, Enhle Maphumulo, Abigail Kubeka. There was one heart-warming and totally authentic scene, and had the series contained more of this, one could've forgiven it its flaws. Queen Sono star Pearl Thusi on telling an African story and the spy drama's season finale this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Queen Sono ’s first season has only six episodes, with a second season confirmed by Netflix. Shandu struggles with his allegiances. 1) The bulk of critics that review this show are either not full time reviewers or down this show positively like the regular CW network schlock, only it's prettier to look at and on a bigger budget. TWITTER I'll give the plot and storyline a 9.5/10; the Action a 7/10; dialogue gets a 4/10 and the professionalism of the casts, would get a 6/10..hence the 4-star review. Queen Sono has a lot of room to grow in its second season, to actually flesh out some of these characters as people and maybe, if the show is successful enough, to get enough money to add extras to crowd scenes and raise the stakes on some of the action. SOG, which itself has pre-apartheid roots and probably isn't exactly what it appears to be, sends agents throughout Africa on missions overseen by Miri (Chi Mhende), who I think is Queen's cousin, and Dr. Sid (Sechaba Morojele), but the organization is mysterious enough that Queen can't even tell her nearest and dearest what she does for a living. To not even mention the convoluted and boring monologues on race relations, gender politics, etc. Talk about having a series we can totally relate to!! A drama about a secret agent who fights crime while dealing with crises in her personal life. Top class spy Queen Sono takes on a mission in Zanzibar. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Golden Tomato Awards: Best Movies & TV of 2020. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Dying Is Sore 45m. Read full review Amazing movie... Amazing storyline and thumbs-up Netflix for a cool show. Rave reviews for Queen Sono Mbalenhle. View All More News Queen Sono never falls victim to Netflix's usual "bloat issue"; the plot moves at a near perfect pace, balancing the emotional complexities of the show's heroine, Queen, and the complexities of African politics. Why be a mere man? Sep 11, 2020. Audience Reviews for Queen Sono: Season 1. The ensemble cast is not overshadowed or underutilized. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. It is certainly a pretty remarkable start, but there is a lot of room for improvement with future updates. Queen Sono, the much anticipated first African Netflix original, dropped on the streaming service today. FACEBOOK From costumes to soundtrack choices to the cast, Queen Sono has confidence in its voice and identity. It made no sense in that setting. Because no matter how many things Queen Sono does less effectively than Alias did — and I'll get to that soon — this is a far more complicated and immediate perspective than the one ever attempted by that Jennifer Garner favorite. With gorgeous costuming and a colorful soundtrack, there’s little the show gets wrong. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Thusi is still more consistently solid than not, and Dabula, Liquorish and Kubeka are good as well. 2. Loyiso Madinga's normally lovely South African accent is replaced by something so comical it sounds like his voice was dubbed. Queen Sono Season 1 Review. Mar 9, 2020 Vitali kept you in the shadows. A beautifully shot scene in an open pit diamond mine, had me sitting up. Queen Sono review. The past is very important to Queen Sono and not just in the mid-season episode that's told entirely as a flashback. Sometimes the unleashing of the "F" bomb made no sense at all. Netflix may not have been a big winner on Oscar night, but part of me wonders if the streamer deserves at least a modicum of credit for the relative ease with which audiences were able to embrace Bong Joon Ho's Parasite. Queen Sono is the first African original Netflix series, and its story is compelling from minute zero. Queen Sono is 6 episodes long (similar to season 1 of the Walking dead) and any great show that starts chaotic and moulds to objective and addictive as it progresses. Privacy Policy | Queen Sono makes sure to grab your attention and never lets go. Queen Sono review: Season one, episode one “Elite spy Queen Sono fulfills an intel mission in Zanzibar and makes a shocking discovery about Hendrikus, the man imprisoned for her mother’s murder” Episode summary by Netflix. The settings and locations – chiefly in South Africa – are interesting and telling. The storytelling is all over the place. Elite spy Queen Sono fulfills an intel mission in Zanzibar and makes a shocking discovery about Hendrikus, the man imprisoned for her mother's murder. The setting is unique, and the pace quick but the dialogue, acting and fight scenes y'know things I actually care about, are all irredeemably bad. Shandu, Sono, and her colleagues embody the spirit of the “rainbow generation,” otherwise known as the first generation of South Africans … It definitely deserves more of a chance to find its footing than much of the dreck Netflix has produced in its ever-growing need to create a constant flow of content. Fresh (10) |, Feb 28, 2020 The same goes for her boss reprimanding her, then offering her a shoulder to cry on a second later. 2) It's a representation score similar to the One Day at a Time reboot that makes critics feel good that it's on even though they don't regularly watch it. Series creator and South African TV comedy veteran Kagiso Lediga achieves a fine balance of action, drama and reflection, and he organically presents socially conservative audiences with progressive perspectives on women, sexuality and religion. And at only six episodes, there isn't nearly enough time for the myriad less successful elements to become serious impediments. Let's go get'em! | Rating: A- |, Apr 21, 2020 Critics (11), View All Maybe Queen Sono isn't always exciting, but it's sometimes provocative in very real ways, eschewing that frequently used buzzword of "Afrofuturism" for "Afrocontemporism" that's plenty valuable on the small screen. Moreover if I can't have that can they all just not trumpet the same horn? And, instead of some deep, thinky show, it’s a rollicking spy thriller. March 11, 2020 Jean Henegan Comment(0) If you’ve ever felt nostalgic for Alias, the early 2000s ABC spy drama that launched Jennifer Garner’s career, Queen Sono is definitely a show for you. It has a favourable 91% score from the company and a 76% score from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Halfway through they morphed into something more. This first season of Queen Sono gifted us with an open-ended dialogue grounded in Black and African liberation. Daniel Fienberg Don't have an account? comparisons, or even my own Alias comparison, I guess. Queen and her teammates take charge of a dangerous situation. Queen Sono's twisty, taut thrills are matched with epic action sequences and soapy delights, making Netflix's first South African series a smashing good time. For these six episodes, all under 47 minutes for faster binging, it's enough that Queen Sono fits into that familiar-but-distinctive international sweet spot Netflix is carving out. The trip is a hoot, as granny is half blind, but more importantly, not interested in driving on the right side of the road. It’s an action series with a fabulous female heroine played by Pearl Thusi. The series deals with subjects like corrupt politicians, complex family histories, secret missions and foreigners' interests in the continent. So consider "Queen Sono" version 1.0 of Netflix's African Originals. | Entertaining and rich in context, if slightly limited by budget. A flawed, but fun, African flavoured spy romp well worth the data it will take to stream. Netflix has encouraged audiences to understand that if you, for example, like CW-style teen soap operas, you aren't beholden exclusively to The CW to produce them when you might find equally entertaining genre entries from Spain or Denmark, just like you'll rapidly discover that the rhythms of the Dick Wolf-style procedural have spread across the globe.