APRILFOOLSFUNPTS 25 points Got it posted – thanks for making sure I saw it! Kelloggs is generous, but 3K did seem a bit over the top. From the crossword puzzle. SPOO-KYKF-RFUN-4YOU (50 PTS) ANDREA G. This is the current list of codes, I will add any new codes to it if I find new codes that work! EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points, Thanks for sharing this code. Also on 10/24/15 I had some codes that stated duplicate. Tap offer to copy the coupon code. In meinen Beiträgen zeige ich dir. :(. ITSMOMSDAY2SHINE from KFR on Facebook 50 points. At some stores (like HEB and Target in my area) you can stack coupons to use 2 coupons on 1 product. I got the expired code message on these three (Others still worked as of this message posting- Ty): FEASTONKFRPOINTS (25 points) added 11/21, KFRGIVESTHANKS4U (25 points) added 11/21, HERES2ABETTERKFR (25 points) added 11/18, HUNTFORKFRPOINTS (100 points) added 11/24 Also, watch for free rewards for members (no points required) in their email newsletter. When i try to add the first one it said that it was expired, Please try entering the code again because it’s not supposed to expire until January 3. Hi: I just want to thank you for giving us all of the extra Kellogg’s codes, it’s so nice of you and much appreciated :). It is for 25 points. I won a $100 E-gift card on 8-13-2014. There are not enough letters or spaces so they will not accept them. Thank you for all the KFR codes your site has provided! We are making strides towards this goal, and are firmly committed to continuing to focus on inclusion while identifying and removing barriers to opportunities. Thanks a lot! I have never redeemed them before. FREEPTSCOMINGATU for another 25 points. Monday 2/12/2018, SNOWBALLOFPOINTS = 100 points – (added 2/5/18) Expires 2/11/18, WINTERTIMEKFRPTS (100 points, Expires February 4), KFRHAPPYHOLIDAYS expired, and a new 50 points one: THEHOLIDAYSRHERE. It's been 90 days or more since you logged in or submitted a receipt, so your KFR points have expired. It’s tricky to keep this list updated (but I try) because Kellogg’s codes never have a published expiration date. They changed up something when they ran out of bobbleheads and it duplicates the order from the poptart side over on the cereal side. The others were duplicates that I must have already used in the past. If any of the codes listed below does not work for you… or if you know a code that is not listed here, please let us know. Freizeitpark Ruhpolding Ticket-Shop. I also just used yours above: HOTHOTHOTPTS4YOU (for 25 pts -thanks)! Thank you! Well, it’s been a long time coming, but here’s another code for 50 points! I’m so sorry about that – I hate to send out expired codes, but I just didn’t know before my email went out. Customers can also avail Kellogg's Family Rewards Coupon, Discount Code ,and discounts up to 10% OFF on the website. And customer service said it was fine. QUIZWHIZ50POINTS is expired. WELOVEMOTHERSDAY (100 points) added 5/15. Thanks so much!! please help me! POPTARTSDOWNLOAD (25 points) added 5/15 I’ve tried all the codes and all the stores. Thanks again, Heather! Thanks for the free codes, love them! KFRTWEETSREWARDS (50 points) added 4/21 –EXPIRED. How do you know when they will expire? I appreciate the new code! Which rewards are your favorites at Kellogg’s Family Rewards? Codes found on products are one-time use codes – but glad you got the 80 points! Mo | 21.12.20. I wish I could use these, but I always get an error when attempting to log in to kfr. I’ll be posting more codes as I come across them! It expires 2/27/2017. Thanks for the codes!! Do you still have those codes? Just as a heads up…the YOURKFRVALENTINE code has expired. Expires on 10/23/16. Some codes did not work last week but now they do. Thanks, 25MO-REYO-UARE-GOOD new code (25points). I had to at one point login using a private browsing session, and now I have to use a different browser all together. Add: FUNA-NDFR-IGHT-SKFR for 100 KFR points, expires 11/4/19. I used to be a CPA before I was forced home for 24/7 medical treatments but please know I am very hopeful about returning to work ASAP & will have another major surgery (could be a lifechanging one) in the next month to further that goal (I love being a mother but I also love my career and what it can offer my family). SCOOBYSWEEPS4YOU (50 points) Still Valid 50 point bonus code – FREE-PTSF-ROME-RNIE (expires 9/4). ILUVBBALLRECIPES I didn’t see it in your post above, however. 59 Cool Gutschein Vorlage Freizeitpark Ideen. Today's top Kelloggs Codes: Free 100 Bonus Points. Hollyjollycostco- 50 All Kelloggs.com coupon codes are free and updated frequently. To get points you know have to either upload your reciepts, have a participating loyalty card link to your account, text or log in on the website any bonus codes. ——————- CEREALANDMILKABC has expired but thank you for the other codes :). happy holidays! Explore Kellogg's and learn about our food, history and our commitment to sustainability, nutrition and giving back. Awesome Deb – thanks for leaving a comment! Thanks Yimmy …I’ve been getting the other holiday codes periodically, but didn’t get this one! Columbus Day bonus points from Kelloggs are expired. thank you!! That is awesome to hear! & Thanks! Thanks so much for this site. Thanks for letting me know – it worked ok for me this morning. I hope you can use it too. I lost my list and I was unable to enter. :D. the code I’ll keep updating this list as I find new codes that work for me. I thought maybe the corporate offices of Kellogg’s and their related affiliates were ‘tightening’ their rules because it looks to me that the main reason for these codes offered by them is more of a marketing strategy to find where people buy their products the most (as a former accountant for 20+ years I can’t help but think that this is their main agenda). Tried it on 12/14/15. 2 codes I entered said scavenger hunt after them in the points activity list. Your the best?? Home; About Kellogg Company; Our Vision & Purpose; Staying Focused. Thanks for the codes! I had email issues and now cant find any of my saved emails to load my holiday codes from 12/2016-now…Anyone know where I can find them? KFRCELEBRATESUSA just worked for me :) Thank you! BESTBALLGAMEEATS for 25 points The following code: FREEBONUSFROMKFR has expired. The top 3 (10/20,10/17,10/17) worked. Von Rainer Hermann - Aktualisiert am 02.10.2020 - 15:21 Thanks so much for these codes! Used all those on the list as I just signed up today and they all worked, thanks! THROWBACKBONUS50 appears to have expired. If you enter your codes through the poptart side… You will get two free movie codes for one. thank you! posted 4/16 https://www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com/content/dam/kfr/crm/PollLndr_NON_GAM_021218_021518_Crossword_VanityCode_50pts_Printable.pdf?version=VERSION2_K2&PID=2964533&utm_source=newsletter021218&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_term=dw_non_gam_021218_021518_crossword_vanitycode_50pts_solve_the_puzzle_button&utm_campaign=KNA_VALENTINES_DAY_STANDALONE_0212, FEBRUARYPOINTS4U To get your points back, simply click or tap the button below. hope it works ;). HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points :), If anyone wants to do the puzzle for fun, here is the link: See 40 Kelloggs Codes and family rewards codes for December 2020 Are there any other current working codes? thanks! I believe they are being used for that charity, but you still have to sometimes wonder. Ah, I see. Kellogg’s must have gotten many complaints. Thanks to all of my readers I’m able to keep this list up-to-date. DAYORNIGHTSNACKS (50 points) added 10/9 is now expired. They are printable coupons – I don’t think there is an option to request them by mail. YAY …this is awesome …thanks so much for changing the order of the comments! Only 20, 50 KFR Points The code entered is incorrect. The subject line on mine was “Yum! Thank you for posting these codes though. Fantastic Fall Favorites Inside.” Thanks for the heads up or I might not even have opened it! Thanks for the list… but BONUSCODE4MOMMAS has expired, PTS4CCLIPINISTAS is working for 1100 points-. And as always, thanks for posting the codes. Haven’t decided. I’ve been a Kellogg’s member for some time. EARNSWEETREWARDS – 50 points The one you sent out today as new 100 pts: TOTALLYHOTSUMMER :/. Just will let them build up some more, as I’m not really into “things/stuff” anymore. :). Such a Big Help! Glad you got so many points and I’ve updated my listed based on your feedback! New 800 point code on the website now. Thank you!! I’ll post new codes as soon as I find them! And so when you make your selection to redeem one movie for 6 codes through the poptart side… It sends you two movie codes for redemption. 25FREEPTS4THEWIN Expired, SPRINGPOINTS4ALL – 100 points (posted on 4/3) I’m guessing that Kaileigh found a deal where she can stack a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon? Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season, everyone! They stopped taking codes that where printed on there old packaging. It looks like CELELBRATEMOTHERS has expired also. I think I am signed up for several of those things you listed, but see that I would have to go and check on them regularly to get the codes (instead of waiting for them in an email or message sent out to me). TAST EGOO DSNA CK4U: 5PTS, TAST-YGOO-DSNA-CK4U for 5 points, expires 4/11/16, This one still worked for me! Yes — all of these coeds came up as duplicates. Praise v God for you all. Lucky Dad Media, Privacy Policy | Disclosure | Disclaimer, WAU_colored('mbirmilbmb56', 'bd1a8d000000'), (or click the red link below to take a quiz), Enter the shareable codes to earn coupons, sweepstakes entries, and other free rewards. “Everyonesawinner” is expired (tried today 2/14/2015). Has anybody else had this issue and discovered a solution? Do u know what the regulations are, can’t find anything to that effect on the site, I just looked. So my suggestion, if you’re able, can the newest/current comments post at the top of your comment feed? BEOURVALENTINE 50 is only 50 points, not 100, BEOU-RVAL-ENTI-NE50 (Exp. Please be aware that you can lose all of your points if your account is inactive for 90 consecutive days (scroll down to, If you find a code above that has expired, please, https://www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com/content/dam/kfr/crm/PollLndr_NON_GAM_021218_021518_Crossword_VanityCode_50pts_Printable.pdf?version=VERSION2_K2&PID=2964533&utm_source=newsletter021218&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_term=dw_non_gam_021218_021518_crossword_vanitycode_50pts_solve_the_puzzle_button&utm_campaign=KNA_VALENTINES_DAY_STANDALONE_0212, https://www.harveyprince.com/fall-giveaway/, https://www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com/en_US/contactUs.html, http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=681352&cids=1. Another new code for 25 points: SitBackAndUnwind, New code, 100 points! Gutscheine. Target has one of the best prices for the 8-count Kellogg's Dunkin' Donuts Pop Tarts, retailing for just $2.12 a box. I just tried the BACKTOSCHOOL2014 code and it worked. I haven’t won anything yet, but one of these days……. I’m sorry, but Kellogg’s changed those codes to “expired” and they only worked for everyone for a short period of time. thanks for the codes!!! Thanks… can we get this one added to the list at the top? :-). Buy Kellogg’s® and get a FREE book for your child or teen. Reya – I’m so happy to hear that! 11/12/2016 Code Entry +20 Nutritioninabowl 50 pts Thanks for the points…:-) Have a blessed day! COOLITGETFREEPTS for 100 points. YOURKFRVALENTINE (50 points, new 2/12, expiration unknown). To get NEW FREE Kelloggs Family Rewards Points Code – login or register to enter codes listed below. I waited until now to enter them and turns out one was not for the movie but worth 100 points. Enjoy great savings and get money back with 4 Kelloggs.com coupon codes. PTSWORTHMELTING4 for 5. Thank you. Gutscheine. 6/26/17, EARNGREATREWARDS = 20 points Patti – Thank you for leaving a comment. I’m sorry, I think Kellogg’s changed them because this morning they were working for many. Expires 12/26. Hi Heather …just curious where you’re getting your Kellogg’s codes from? PresidentialPick & ScaryGoodSavings are expired. Enjoy! Rrr. EARNGREATREWARDS did not work. I’ll go post the Labor Day code right now! Expires on 1/3/2016. THANK YOU HEATHER (FREEBIES4MOM) ….all 3 codes still worked for me just now: BEOURVALENTINE50 (50 points, new 2/14, expiration 2/20) Keep in mind that some characters may look similar. HOWITWORKS20PNTS, I spoke too soon! :). Freizeitpark Ruhpolding Ticket-Shop. HELP!!! VERYMERRYBONUS4U – 100 points (posted on 12/11)*exp. It said it was a duplicate. Thank you for sharing, but it looks like these are unique codes found on packages that are only valid for one-time use. New code in today’s email from Kellogg’s. TWEETTWEETFORPTS has expired, Found on Hip2Save,Thanksforthevote 50 pts. I’m sorry – both of these codes worked yesterday. Wow, I eat Special K all the time and I never even thought to join Kellogg’s reward program. KFRSHARETHANKS20 (20 points) – I got 100 points for this one!!!! New today: WELOVETRICKSTERS (50 points) – expires 4/8/15. Just curious …are ANY of these from the “scrabble” word that was emailed & has to be deciphered to get a code? 12/31 I got this one by email today & it was worth 200 points. Our Purpose: Creating better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands. EXPIRES ON 5/22/17. GETKFRREWARDSNOW is working for 100 points. CORNYLOVESEASTER did not work for me; it said it was expired. KFRS-HARE-THAN-KS20 says it’s a duplicate when I enter, even though it’s not…. Close X Hi, User.Long time no see! I will update my list! Thanks for the list….I always check here when I finally sit down to enter all my codes from the items I purchased! Inactivity is defined as no Code Entry, no Points or Bonus Points earned or no Point redemption”. SWEET – that’s an awesome way to celebrate the “Anniversary” of joining Kellogg’s Family Rewards! ROCK-INKF-RREW-ARDS for 100 points! EARNSWEETREWARDS – Anyhow, if this is the reason or they’re just no longer widely available I respect them & your site for offering these free codes to someone like me as long as they did. Expires 3/28/16. Sparen Sie mehr Geld mit den neuesten Kelloggs Coupons & Gutschein-Codes. First code didn’t work for me, the rest did! WARMUPWITHPTSNOW – 100 points (posted on 2/20). New code added today 1/28/15 – Hurrayforgameday. so unfair. New Code 50 pts, expires 6/2: JUSTBECAUSEBONUS, Thanks for giving me the expiration date! Has anyone figured this out yet? I’ll leave your comment here in case anyone else wants to try this code! Sorry I didn’t keep track of the exact codes but hopefully the information below helps. Would not take CEREALANDMILKABC, said sorry try again. Just an update to let you know that- Up to 305 points already. I’ve updated my list – thanks so much for your help! Thanks so much for updating the codes so quickly.Also I have a $5 off $10 O’reilly auto parts coupon, for anyone who wants it please email me at ritanique@hotmail.com. You’ve solved our crossword and entered your FREE BONUS CODE! FEBRUARYPOINTS4U (100 points, new 2/13, expiration unknown) Also, not sure if it’s supposed to or not, but I didn’t even know you replied to my last comment, as it didn’t email me your reply or anything to say I had a response. FREE 50-PT CODE: thanks! Guess I need to start entering them when I first see them. You are awesome for letting me know – updating my list and adding a new code soon! Go add the *NEW* code MAGICALCREATIONS (25 points) added 3/23. I don’t know if anyone can help. Thank you for always posting Kellogg’s free code, Freebies4Mom. 11/12/2016 Code Entry +25 POINTSFROMKFRFUN (100 points) says it is an expired code, Thanks, I was able to connect on: LTQ7-NLB6-XXNK-RTHK Thanks! one code is GV7GV3WR74JITYZ6 ANOTHER ONE IS YWG334WJQK7TCPYI. SNUGGLEUPWITHPTS for 100 points, Says its a duplicate….. ive had a lot say that… anyone know why. 30daysofcheerpts I don’t know if anyone else got this, but today (9/20) I got an “anniversary” email from Kelloggs that contained a code for 100 free points. Love you Freebies4Mom! I had to log out, then log back in to see it credited. Have you tried contacting Kellogg’s directly about it? The code is HOWITWORKS20PNTS. UGH – thanks for letting me know, I’ll update right now! Then I started googling & found your list. TEAMSPIRITLETSGO There are two more codes that I was able to confirm are valid: RKTR-ECIP-ESFO-RYUM for 25 points Thanks so much – love that you’re making sure I get all the new codes! A few days ago when I discovered that I had a larger sum of expired points than I had currently, I was not happy!!! Online only. or Larger, Any Flavor, Mix or Match. Now trying to get back in….kellogs cereal on sale for $1.99 a box & new I needed to get my coupons together for double coupons & then found out my pts were gone! Thanks! I bet these codes were not meant to get out (or at least not shared with a bunch of people), and they disabled them. Thanks for asking! Keep up the great work! Enter at shutterfly.com/kelloggs for free placemat by 10/31/15. SPECIALK5BONUS4U (50 points) added 2/6 – EXPIRED. Hope it works for you. Thanks :). New 100 point code posted on the 16th. I found that MAGICALCREATIONS expired. This code works for 100. All codes work as of 6/21/15. MAKE-MERR-YWIT-HKFR (25 bonus points – expires 12/31/17)! Which code on the list is expired? ), and not even sure when I will if worth, but hopefully. Just thought Id share. The Kellogg Company Coupon Codes, Promo Codes December 2020. KFRCONSUMERQUEEN (100 points) added 12/21, WARMWISHESFORYOU (25 points) added 12/21, expires 12/31, I normally get the coupons but I did get 2 grocery bags when they had them for 1000 points each. They were working for many on Tuesday morning – unfortunately they then stopped working before I realized the Kellogg’s changed them. Our Vision: A good and just world where people are not just fed but fulfilled. Try typing in the code instead of copying & pasting it. Marge – Those are not Kelloggs codes, simply credit to bloggers who have published new codes that I’ve added to my list. Needs to be 16 long. Haven’t had time to confirm this one, but this is for 29 points: twitterficbonus and terrifictuesdays are both expired – boo :(. Kickoffsummerfun. KFRSUPERSAVERMOM for 100 points in the new year! Hey Dawn, I was having issues for awhile too. 25 Points for Scary Good Savings Bonus Code Thanks so much for alerting me to these new codes! Some More Codes – REWARDSRINTHEAIR for another 100 points, ALLAMERICANBONUS has expired. It expires on July 18th. NEW 100 point KFR CODE, expires 6/10/2019: 2-GET_GRIL-LING-2KFR. :-D TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same issue. I didn’t even know about this. To get your points back, simply click or tap the button below. I’ve removed all codes that are “expired” or simply stopped working. 25PTSTOSAYTHANKS – 25 points (posted on 3/30). That’s awesome, Grace! :-D, Not working. So get the full value of your voucher. Thanks for the great work rounding up these codes!