This blog was so interesting – especially since my husband & I raise cattle in Nebraska. This sounds right up my alley, I LOVE MY MEAT! OMG steak. Thanks for doing this! If I care about where my vegetables come from, why not my beef? pick me, love beef, it all sounds yummy! I am a steak lover, and I know the steak I’ve had in Michigan tastes a lot different than here in Florida. i’ve done coffee cuppings, wine tastings…but steak! Excellent article, thanks for writing it. I’ve eaten Kobe beef in the Far East and while it could be cut with a fork, the flavor of the beef itself was lacking. Required fields are marked *. I am sooooo jealous! I ADORE a good steak! Steamy Kitchen is our family blog. Health, happiness and continued succcess. Find thousands of free tried-and-tested recipes from Australia's favourite lifestyle brands, then shop all the ingredients with a click of a button! Fun idea! What a difference in the taste . Since more than one cook works at your favorite restaurant maybe it’s more about what steak they are cooking than who’s cooking it. What a unique opportunity and so telling about the whole process. Or do a podcast of These Days from iTunes. NY Steak Tasting Menu (Flight of Filet basically): You get a 6 oz grass fed, a 6 oz grain fed, and a 6 oz prime dry aged. Amazing. Restaurant list; Ahaus Restaurants. steak from Gregory’s, a fabulous restaurant not too far from school. I would love to win this prize package. Chinese New Year begins February 12, 2021! Dabei zeigen wir verschiedene Fleischsorten und deren Möglichkeiten es kreativ und korrekt zuzubereiten. Sounds like it was a fun evening! Ooh! Example the right wine can make the right steak sing, while another wine may make it ho hum. Now if I only had a butcher in my area besides the super market. This is good information for steak-idiot like me. 2. I’ve always wondered what the kobe style beef tasted like. how do I get more entries??? But you’re so right, it would be a natural (and a lot of fun) to find the perfect wine for each style. She started the Artisan Beef Institute to educate consumers and industry professionals: ===============================================. I’ve always pushed for quality in beef over quality, but Las Vegas, NV doesn’t give us many options. My own personal tastes have definitely shifted over to all-grass fed beef, and am lucky enough to have access to a butcher who works with NY-state farms that raise their cows that way. omg, we are such fat pigs cows. Count me in. I have told many of my friends and family about your site. I still need to try your Gucci cooking steak method. And, yes, the various Japanese beef differ from each other. While this is a comparison of some “special” beef, now I would really like to see a comparison of what I can get at my local Vons/Safeway etc…. I must admit that I’d never considered it as relates to beef, before. That is how beef should be eaten. Wow, I learned a lot about steak. So flavour and not necessary price and cut huh…. I will put it out of my mind!! Mmmmm steak. Carrie led us through tasting six different steaks from small ranchers. The beef is delicious and the novelty of the beef tasting makes it all the more festive. And then unfortunately, sometimes, you just get a tough cattle. awesome that you got to participate in this — what a cool thing. So, cheers to our beef eating Canadian friends! Gee, I kinda like meat. And this would go great with a wine and cheese tasting…the best of all worlds! I’ll always choose a New York or Ribeye cut over a melty filet. Try it you will love it. We live in a good beef country but around here no one ages their beef leaving it a bit tough and lack of true flavor, This was a great post. These sound over the top of what I could ever have. So I like to make the quality and humanity of how any animal is dealt with count. Wow, I learned a lot here about what separates one steak from another. i would love to go to one of these, though, that’s for sure. Obviously that’s not possible for a lot of people but finding a good, knowledgeable butcher is a good place to start. Do you think this would work on lean meats like elk or buffalo? I must have missed photographing their beef, but here’s a photo of the families! Sounds like a dream job!! I love steak! Yum….my mouth has been watering just looking at all of the photos. sleet or snow!!!! This is an amazing and it looks soo yummy…. . The base commisary obtained beef from Ireland and Austria. Fantastic! this is such a lovely post, so well inform so well written! 4.0. The steaks that we purchased there were awesome and tasted nothing like steaks we purchased in Florida at Publix. I would love to do a steak tasting with my friends and family. Definitely making my mouth water (more so than the oatmeal I’m eating for breakfast). Dave – Good question – we didn’t have wine until after our tasting. Although Im cheap so i normally go for the cheap ones. Wowowow makes my mouth water to think of those steaks !!! Tilt pan to spoon garlic butter over steaks and cook to your desired doneness (see chart below). I’ve been to Perini’s Ranch in Buffalo Gap, TX and aspire to one day cook a steak like they do there. P.S. My husband and I love steak and he was a meat cutter for several years (twice in his lifetime). I tried your salt steak method and the steak was incredible. These steaks look beautiful. steak plus the sides! such carnivores we are! I like a juicy sirloin myself, but someday when I’m rich and famous, I’d like to try some kobe steak. Treat your taste buds: Explore Ahaus restaurants. Dry-Aged 100% Black Angus, Russell Country, MT, N-Bar Ranch, Dave Workman Absolutely amazing photos and a great idea to do steak tasting. Jaden, Thanks so interesting. My boyfriend is a serious steak lover, and I’m a bit of a steak ignoramus, so it’d be a lot of fun to have a tasting, and get me up to speed! Like you, I am more familiar with the different grades of steak but am intrigued by the thought (and it makes perfect sense) of different flavor profiles for cattle grown in different climates, different feeding procedures, etc. . The 22 oz. Was it paired with the meat? Thanks for sharing this with us – i wish I would have the opportunity to attend a steak tasting, Mmmmm steak… second only to bacon on my scale of tasty meats. Thank god I’m NOT vegetarian! have learned so much. You have the best job ever! I love cow. Must be really cool! Fine wine and great steaks – an umbeatable combo! Then I met Carrie and talked to her about the beef, she is so amazingly knowledgable…a true beef geek! One way to get value is to purchase more but less often, bundle up with a friend (both help minimize S&H), or sign up for regular shipments (think beef of the month club). I hope I can still join the raffle for the steaks. And, thank you for entering me into your Contest – not since we left Monterey, (at John Pisto’s Whaling Station on Cannery Row) have we enjoyed decent steak so this tasting pack would be QUITE WELCOME at our home in North Carolina! It’s so hard to photograph meat tastily (a word?!) It was interesting to read about the vocabulary of terms to describe the elements of tasting for steak. Unfortunately they stopped carrying it, and i’ve been trying to find a place to get it. It took me a few minutes to stop drooling on my keyboard. I’m in for this contest. My husband would have like to taste the beef. I’ve taste-tested dry age steak and regular choice steak in class before. For me this represents a great opportunity for a Texas gal to experience tasty beef from other areas of the country. Thank you, Jaden! Good I am hungry now. In my experience grass fed beef tends to beat out grain fed for the money, but I like that really gamey flavor! So thanks for delivering the Goods! I hate it when a place has greasy fries with their steak. Just as each vineyard has it’s micro-climate and soil characteristics, each ranch has the same attributes of live stock, grass, feed and water. How fun it would be to win. This must be the new wine, olive oil, vingear, chocolate, coffee, tasting event. For the next couple of weeks, Carrie and I emailed back and forth, and in each email, she would slightly turn the faucet, letting a small stream of new ideas trickle my way. ©2020 STEAMY KITCHEN RECIPES GIVEAWAYS. We love steaks at our house and I’ve never paid attention to what kinda beef I’m eating! , PS. Select cows. Last Thursday, Carrie flew down from Toronto and treated a group of 15 of us to a fabulous artisan steak tasting. Very informative and what a great thing to do with some friends!I agree that it would be great to find out what wines to pair with each. James is in the background stealing bites of steak. This is such an honor that you have been invited to this event. Steak me, baby! Mmmm, making my mouth water, you sure are lucky to try all those meats. :>). They came out wonderful. What a great taste-off! Think someone else may like this? If you're looking for THE most comfortable, made in USA face mask, come check out my other business! Thanks a millon! Not much of a choice on what type of beef you get there. I have tended to give business to Snake River or Neiman Ranch. I am always confused by which one to get at the store. I particularly like your post on salting the not-so-prime steaks. I’m a ribeye girl myself, but i totally agree with what, where and how for beef, i have been telling my friends that for years! Tweet Tweet ~ 400 g Fleisch am Abend. I cannot in good conscience pass up the opportunity to win free high-end beef. i love Kobe beef so i would love to see how some of these rank against Kobe beef in Kobe (the best, imho). I would love to try some new meat to compare and contrast with what i have already tasted. After reading this post, I’m craving steak like never before. Made mention of your post on my blog today. We have worked at a few very upscale restaurants and food and wine are our thing. . Wagyu is the famous Japanese beer fed, hand massaged cattle. opened my eyes to a new way of looking at steak. Oh my! Mmmm beef. They are so funny, I love this post especially. I may have some ideas, but they’re probably randomly floating artound in my head and I won’t be able to articulate them. 4 to 5 min of the first side, flip over and turn the grill off. Arlene in Tampa. Win or lose, I will pass along the link to this article. Problem is we don’t have all that info when we’re buying meat. The Trib don’t pay baby, him cooking does. I hate not having the words to describe how something taste in a somewhat intelligent way. I don’t know much about steak until today. Jaden, this was particularly fascinating for me because in a more limited way, I’ve been doing something very similar to report for KPBS radio’s weekday show, These Days. Thanks for sharing all the info Jaden. these things sounds (and look! Farmers’ markets and CSAs and some butchers are great, but not everyone has access to one and it can still be hard to tell what you’re getting. So, if you want to swing the chances of my winning that steak pack in my favor, that would be great! Only you! Yeah, we opened every single bottle of wine, but only had the wine AFTER the tasting, as wine would affect the taste of the steaks. Filet Steak, Rib-Eye, Tomahawk, Porterhouse, und und und... Bei so viel Fleisch kann man schon mal schnell durcheinander kommen! Look for a cut that has a relatively even width from top to bottom. Thanks so much for this post. Thanks, Jaden! I gave my son a heads-up on this post…huge steak fan! Much more elegant than my 24-24-24 entry, though with the rain in the mountains we could’ve used the 22 bottles of wine! Well this is something I have to throw my hat in the ring for. Nice! I’ve been to wine tastings. Only kosher salt was used to season the meat. You can get quality New York strip steak delivered from Snake River Farms. Palomar. A whole night dedicate to the pleasure of eating cow. The drawing is on my birthday! OK, what better way to host a steak tasting than to win a few cuts ‘o beef? Good quality steaks are a great treat and I would love to get these. Sounds like fun — how about a steak tasting with local beef? Interesting and informative. You pretty much just know what the cut of the meat is and the price per lb. What an awesome idea! In the 60’s as a newly wed I moved to Europe when my husband was in the military. Kobe is good but sometimes a little mushy, not exactly buttery. I’ve been on a grass fed beef kick since I bought some grass fed beef steaks at Trader Joes. This looks like a great experience! How dare I ever think I could be come a vegetarian…. Australia's newest home for food. This was a great post! I love how you evaluated it like you would wine, noting the flavors, texture, and “finish.” Nicely done! I’d love a steak-tasting kit. I’m with you. This is pure foodie geek heaven. Actually, your salting techniques was how I discovered your blog some time ago- I think I’ve forwarded that link to most of my friends once I discovered how well it worked! Overcooking can be a problem, but sounds like you had pros at the grill. Not only does it change the texture of the meat but I find that it also adds a beautifully seasoned flavor. I’ve ordered grass fed beef online and really couldn’t tell the difference. I love it! I can’t remember who won (probably because the hours after our challenge were spent in a major food coma), but I’m ready to challenge him for a rematch. A steak tasting would definitely put me over the top for a dinner party idea. I have been thinking about having a wine tasting party but you have put an entirely new idea into my head! Wow… what a cool concept. Thanks for the great beef info. No big wow. It has such a sweet, earthly taste and the texture….. any how even if i don’t get picked i might have to pick up the tasting pack anyway! But my style is big, beefy, nice chew. Jeder Gast erhält ca. Tasting Notes: Meaty, pleasant, subtle, softer flavor. Oh Wow! thanks for the great idea, and the drawing. I’m definitely a rib eye person – love the marbling, the fat gives the meat the extra flavor, and it’s super moist when cooked properly. Then you can grill on high the entire time without a fire developing. Oh my goodness. I’m definitely a great dinner party idea! Hard to know what drove the beef in your tasting to be tougher. I’d love to winn this tasting package! An interesting concept – one I hadn’t really considered before. You’ve made even — ultra rare! My. Interesting idea steak tasting who would have thought of that !!! I agree that all you need to season one is salt and a little oil and a grill. Oh, wow–doing this at home would make a perfect date night! Since I don’t really have a butchers shop around where I live, I’m going to have give Oliver Ranch a try (seems like a great alternative)… thanks for the informative post Jaden! Please enter me. We are so fortunate as your readers to have you to Live these events through. You can probably guess now one of the reasons I started my own company to try and solve these challenges (smile). I could definitely get down with that. Tasting Notes: Sweet, savory, umami, dark, robust, bold. (sorry- medium rare for me . I love your posts! Did somebody say something about a steak?!! My husband really, really, really, loves steak. I stopped buying it from the supermarket as it was always disappointing. Wow, you’re one lucky duck! I never heard of a vertical steak tasting before and it’s a great idea. I would be interested in trying some of the grass fed steak. Great post —. Another Fantastic post, Jaden! We also provide the tasting guide with our artisan steak tasting party boxes. Cotntail in S. GA. Looks delicious – I’m curious as to which cut was your favorite in the end? OMG! Free beef? Regardless of the outcome the information is invaluable. When buying a New York strip, you should buy one that is at least one-inch thick to keep it from drying out when grilling or broiling. Count me in, seeing the differences in flavor profiles got me all ready to grill! The coolest thing about this dish was being able to taste the progression from grass fed to the prime dry aged. Give me some rice to sop up the juices and we’re good to go! If not, maybe I’ll have to make my own. I have always been picky about my meat but what you all did was fantastic. … and most of all for sharing your salting technique. I would love to win this I love steak and my fiancee is a executive 5 star chef…all the different ways he could cook this yummy. Does that make me cheap and easy?? I love your salting method and we’ve used it several times since I found it. How fun.. a steak tasting kit. I’d love to win that pack… my husband would be especially pleased. Count me in! Dann gehört unser monatliches Tastebrothers Steak Tasting zu Eurem absoluten Pflichtprogramm! I’m a steak girl, give me a big juicy chunk of meat any day! New recipes, reviews, and giveaways every week! You would think that reading this after lunch would not have made me drool like a wolf staring down a chained lamb…..but oh how badly I want to go home and fire up the grill for 15 pounds of rare seared beef! Died and went to heaven post! hey jaden, great post! . If you’d like to listen, you go to;id=12929. These would go wonderfully on my new grill! Jaden, This looked like such a fun evening and something that you could get all the “manly” men in your life to attend. Thank you! I’m blown away by all of this information. Thanks so much for the salting technique! Just remembering plate after plate of Medium Rare beef….time to raid the frig! Medium – Cooked to 145°F or 63 °C, the middle of the steak is fully pink and hot, with a grayish-brown crust. -Jaden. I hope this isn’t heresy, but in a comments section – Why not? My favorite steak is pretty much any cut of steak cooked by my dad in a wok. Sign me up! This looks SO yummy Im getting hungry just seeing and reading everything! I would love to compare the artisinal beef to the “prime” beef that is available at our local grocery store. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. hmm, I never thought about a beef tasting. BamBoo specializes in grilled meats. Oh, it has been soooo long since I have had a great steak! Jaden, I’m so happy you posted about this. Groupon is an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering fun activities in your city. These steaks look beautiful and I noticed they are all “before” pictures! . This was a very informative post! A good beefy steak is my favorite comfort food! hmmm… now that I think about it, I really didn’t enjoy the 94%/6% ground sirloin burritos I did last night. . Keep all those wonderful cows grazing on the grass up there as long as possible. What a great idea – I’d love to throw a dinner party centered around a steak tasting! Carrie, Jeffrey and Chef Eddie wonder how in the heck we are going to drink 22 bottles of wine at our artisan steak tasting. Thanks for the post and the new education. I guess I’ll have to try it out on my free steaks! While we help them sell their beef (overall and in our home tasting kit), they also have it available in several CO farmers’ markets and other locations. It’s really hard to find farm-specific, breed specific, genuinely natural or organic beef, period. This is a great event. Great blog and great recipes. I have been really wanting a good steak lately. So, definitely, our in-person and home tasting kits are definitely geared toward the individual meat lover, I honestly believe we collectively have the power to change the industry for good. I want a yummy steak now! Food writer? Even the hamburger – people are always shocked when we serve burgers because they just can’t believe how good they are! And of course, I adore a great steak – the next best thing to nirvana as far as I am concerned! great post. But my biggest revelation was yet to come. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New York strip steaks are a delicious cut of beef from the tenderloin region of the cow. Last Thursday, Carrie flew down from Toronto and treated a group of 15 of us to a fabulous artisan steak tasting. If you want to. Enjoyed reading the results and hope that I get the chance to taste them. I started getting mack into meat after having him talk to me 10 times. Yes – what the cow eats is sure important, but aging is also important to the flavor. This was great info. Carrie is giving away a free Artisan Steak Tasting Pack. Best Dining in New Braunfels, Texas: See 20,346 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 288 New Braunfels restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. Ooooh! I hope i AM not too late for the drawing . Thanks for sharing! Too many of my friends around here are vegetarians, so I would have to invite people from work , I went back and read your salting steak post. It’s nice to see the comparison of grass-fed with grain-fed; I can’t seem to get enough of the lean grass-fed beef…such a big flavor without the fat! There’s nothing like a great steak, some kosher salt and my Weber! Beef: It’s whats for dinner! I’d love to host a steak party. Ditto yoko’s post. I have hosted wine tastings and chocolate tastings, but never a steak tasting…what a fabulous idea! So it’s great to have some other small providers to consider to support. If you have any questions, you can ask them here in the comments, or email Carrie at wow, what an amazing experience!!! How divine they look! We did 3 steaks at my restaurant and I thought I was going to burst afterwards. This looks sooo good Hi, I’m Jaden, professional recipe developer, tv chef and cookbook author. Wow, and I though Kobe would be the winner, looks like you had great fun, Suzie. Create an account or log into Facebook. Gentle handling farm to fork plus good genetics and practice also matter a lot. I wonder if that’s what restaurants use as well!….will surely try it this week-end!!!!…rain. I was just telling Nate yesterday that I could go for a nice big hunk of steak right now and what did he cook me? Now I’m craving a good juicy steak, not the cruddy take out pizza we’re having. I’d love this! thanks for offering a chance to win these awesome steaks. It’s a lot of information to absorb but facinating. with some maggi sauce, vietnamese style! Found the blog because of the salting info. Thank you for sharing! We love steak! Carrie led us through tasting six different steaks from small ranchers. Breed: 50% Wagyu, 50% Black Angus. Wow, I can not wait to try this! Wow, so cool. Please note that the cooking time in the water bath is the square of the thickness. This would definately be a prize in our household! Wie läuft das Tasting ab? I hope I drew over some new traffic. My husband and I love steak, I think we are the only family in our neighborhood that grills steak all winter (during winter in MN no one goes out unless they have to). Green apple slices were used to clear palate. If you needed us to jump through a few hoops for this contest, I probably would! A steak tasting sounds good too. by Jaden | Oct 26, 2008 | Beef, My Favorite Recipes, Recipes | 478 comments. The steak looks great. It was brought to the U.S. in 1976 and crossbred with Angus. Am curious about the use of wine though. Tasting Notes: Well balanced, tastes like a good steakhouse steak, interesting but no big wow. This does sound awfully tasty. My mouth is watering. There’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked piece of red meat (well, with a glass of wine, of course!). I’d watched a documentary about grass fed beef and was really interested in trying some of those steaks! This is such a great contest and I would love to win those wonderful steaks.